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Newport International Group LLC Consulting:Meet the Newport Team




Our staff and leadership team brings to the table over 250 years of combined industry and consulting experience, without a large firm infrastructure and cost model. Efficient, practical, effective advisory.





Our leadership team represents the officers of the firm and set our partnering, client management, and service offering development strategy across all practice and service areas.


* William Newman     -           Managing Principal & Founder

* Bill Rudiak               -           Senior Principal





Each principal is aligned to one or more practice areas, with a specific area of focus based on service, industry sector, or specialty.  Our staff are assigned to client engagements based on need, fit, availability and timing under the leadership of a principal who is responsible for overall engagement management and client satisfaction.


* Matt DeBenedetti                Principal – Digital Content Strategy, Strategy Management, Technology

* Cindy Jennings                     Principal – Sustainability Management, Operations, Strategy Management

* James Munson                     Principal – Program Design and Oversight, GRC, EPM, Technology

* Jay Giannantonio                 Principal – Technology, EPM, GRC, Program Design and Oversight, Cloud Operations Readiness

* Joseph Stockemer                Principal – Operations, Sustainability Management, Strategy Management, Market Growth & Entry





Members of staff work under the direction of one or more principals based on client, industry segment, and service area.  Staff may range from entry-level Business Analysts and Associates, to Managers and Senior Managers responsible for the execution of small to medium-sized assignments or major workstreams as part of more comprehensive engagements.  Our more senior members of staff are provided here.


* Vicki Bible                            Senior Manager – Technology, Operations, Program Design and Oversight

* Jenny Zink Senior                Manager – Market Growth & Entry, Strategy Management, Digital Content Strategy





Our firm maintains a number of key industry, media and business relationships some of which have developed through direct work with our principals who then move on to other pursuits. Influencers share an interest in the success of the firm and position our services in one or more areas of subject matter expertise and industry segments.


* Dave Meyer                          Influencer – Sustainability Management, Operations, Strategy


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