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Fashion Festival av spennende starte av Newport International Runway Group Tokyo Fashion

Ae'lkemi designer Alvin Fernandez, det var "en ære" for å åpne 2014 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival kveld sammen med to av Asia er mest respekterte motehus, Michael Cinco og Sebastian Gunawan.



Ae'lkemi viste 25 utsøkte antrekk som en del av en ny couture kolleksjon laget spesielt for åpningen natten, internasjonale rullebanen - utover fantasi.


"Samlingen er delvis inspirert av venetiansk gotisk arkitektur," Fernandez forklart etter showet, først til å bli holdt på festivalens nye mote Paramount Arena på Perth Concert Hall.


«Jeg likte ideen om kontrasten mellom struktur og flyt og har mange forskjellige teksturer i en helt hvit kjole, for eksempel.»



Mange kjoler kjennetegnet intrikate hånd ferdig franske beading og eksperimenter med laserskåret Lær, et første for Ae'lkemi merket.


"Vi fortsatt ville være ganske tro mot vår signatur, som er elegant, nipped i på livet, skimming hoftene," sa Fernandez.


"Det er en masse detaljer der inne, men vi ønsket også noen ganespalte rensemidler, noen enklere stykker før du går i flere i-din-ansikt røde løperen biter av finalen."



Fernandez sa tilstedeværelsen av delegater fra den asiatiske Couture Federation og Singapores FIDe mote uker var en verdifull mulighet til å presentere sitt arbeid til et større internasjonalt publikum.


"Dette er en verdifull markedet som vi virkelig ønsker å trykke inn," sa han.


"For oss å vise resten av verden hva vi kan gjøre er alltid et pluss, og blir gitt åpning æresbevisninger var stor for oss."


Se alle glamour fra frontlinjen var kjendiser Dannii Minogue - flying flagg for WA design i en Aurelio Costarella - Kate Waterhouse, Matthew og Lauren Pavlich, Coterie gruppemedlem Emma Milner og internasjonal mote blogger Diane Pernet.


Premier Colin Barnett, Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi og asiatiske Couture Federation leder Frank Cintamani var blant myndighetspersoner svært ukelange festivalen.


Michael Cinco, som er basert i Dubai, men ble født i Norge, har kledd liker av Sofia Vergara, Beyonce og Rihanna, mens indonesisk designer Sebastian Gunawan har bygget opp en lojal måte etter hele Sørøst-Asia.


Både designere kjennetegnet detaljert profilering, broderier, paljetter og blonder-arbeid.


I kveld flanell designer Kristy Lawrence får premiere sin Sommerkolleksjon i Perth for første gang, mens Morrison og en falt razzia vil dele rullebanen med kult New Zealand etiketter Zambesi og Nom * D på 3300 Miles Apart show.

Newport International Group Runway, Capital ideas: London’s new Tech Cities



The Vibe: Fashionable tech. Clerkenwell attracts companies that have outgrown their space in Shoreditch – or are put off by the area’s escalating prices – but want to remain close to the buzz of Silicon Roundabout.


Local Heroes: Warner Yard is a tech co-working space and home to the London base of Techstars, a US accelerator programme, which nurtures early-stage ventures. White Bear Yard is a hub for technology start-ups, founded by angel investors Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero.


Ones to Watch:

Farfetch is an online clothing retailer that provides a single shop window for dozens of independent fashion boutiques from around the world. It aspires to match the success of Net-a-Porter. EDITD, a data mining business for the fashion industry, provides real-time information on trends and shopping habits. 


King’s Cross


The Vibe: Well-connected new media quarter. The renaissance of King’s Cross and St Pancras stations has brought business, culture and improved transport links to the area.


Local Heroes: Central St Martins, the world-renowned art college has moved here, bringing creative talent to the area. The British Library, a long-term local resident, houses the Business & IP Centre, providing work space and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Ones to Watch: Facebook is setting up shop in the area after agreeing a lease on a 90,000 square foot office building. Twitter, the microblogging service, will have its own 18,000 sq ft office in the same development. Google is also due to relocate its UK operations to King’s Cross, although it has delayed the move until 2017 because its original office design was not sufficiently ambitious. Other tech businesses are likely to be attracted by the arrivals of these giants.


Tottenham Court Road


The Vibe: A crossroads: the glamour of the West End meets intellectual stimulation of Bloomsbury. Tottenham Court Road used to be the rougher end of Oxford Street but it is raising its game with the help of a major investment from Crossrail.


Local Heroes: University College London is actively involved in nurturing entrepreneurship among its students and, through its UCL Advances programme, providing research and development resources for start-ups.


Ones to Watch: HouseTrip is one of Europe’s biggest holiday rental booking sites, enabling travellers to book a stay in one of more than 270,000 houses around the world, just as they would a hotel room, and homeowners to make money from their property when they are away. Kingis a mobile games developer, whose biggest hit to date has been Candy Crush Saga. It has six game studios in Stockholm, Barcelona, Bucharest, Malmö and London, along with offices in San Francisco and Malta.




The Vibe: Shoreditch on a shoestring. Like the East End, Southwark has plenty of interesting warehouse conversions. The entertainment is world class, including the Tate Modern, the National Theatre and the South Bank.


Local Heroes: Ian Merricks, founder of White Horse Capital, founded in 2008 to provide support and capital for high growth technology start-ups. Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig, the online card retailer sold to Photobox for £120m in 2011.


Ones to Watch: Zoopla, a searchable directory of UK residential properties, was founded by Alex Chesterman, co-founder of online video business Lovefilm, and Simon Kain, a senior developer at Amazon UK. Audioboo is a website and smartphone app that allows people to share short audio files on social media. It was founded by Mark Rock in 2009 and gained early endorsements from writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry and The Guardian newspaper, which used it to cover the G20 protests.




The Vibe: Edgy. The farthest edge of town, but also edging up, after a £3.5bn regeneration plan. West Croydon is 15 minutes from London Bridge and Gatwick airport by train.


Local Heroes: Croydon Tech City is a community-led movement to rebrand the area as a Shoreditch for the southern suburbs. Croydon Borough Council has encouraged developers to build new homes and BT to improve broadband speeds.


Ones to Watch: DotMailer was launched in Croydon in 1999 and is now the largest email marketing company in the UK. It listed on Aim, London’s junior market, in 2011 and has a net worth of £5.8m. VideoGamer is Europe’s largest independent video gaming reviews website, which publishes news and features on the latest titles as well as high definition videos and a weekly podcast. It was founded in Brighton in late 2007, but moved to Croydon three years ago.


Notting Hill


The Vibe: Posh boys with smart ideas. Notting Hill offers the pleasures of Hyde Park and the Portobello Road market with the chance to bump into experienced tech business founders with money to invest.


Local Heroes: Brent Hoberman, co-founder of Lastminute.com, the online travel website, which listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2000, just before the dotcom bubble burst. He is now an active angel investor. Jay Bregman, co-founder of Hailo, the taxi booking app, which in a little over two years has become a global business available in 16 cities. Mr Bregman divides his time between London and New York.


Ones to Watch: Made.com is an online furniture retailer, whose business model minimises overheads by selling online, grouping orders of the same item, not owning its factories and building close working relationships with factories and designers. Secret Sales is a free members only club which organises online private sales of exclusive designer brands. New sales are held each day but last for a limited time, offering shoppers up to 70 per cent off the recommended retail price.


The best fashion trend tips for 2014



Let's talk about what to be on the lookout for, now that it's 2014.


As you know me by now, I don't expect everyone or anyone to go out and buy all of my suggestions that I've written about in past columns. I only expect you to go out and buy half of it (just kidding). I'm a fashion columnist who enjoys writing about something that's reflective on who we are, and how we can always be amused by the trends, topics and excitement it brings.


For this week's column, I share with you some of the trends for 2014 that I'm most thrilled for. Some trends have already been around, while others will be breaking news (in my own fashion world mind). Hope you enjoy these influences that, if anything, just help make you feel more educated on the fashion world.


• Men's style lace-up shoes. These shoes, also known as Oxfords, have been around for quite some time, but now for 2014, they've come with a spin. Lace ups with a high wedge, platform or fluorescent block color for the sole are what you'll be seeing more of. Some of my favorites being from Oliver & Clark oliverclarknyc.com, they have shoes and boots made only for the tough-hearted.


• Midi-skirts. Break out your skirt influences from the '90s because the "just below the knee" length is back. Make sure to find a skirt with volume and flare so that you don't look like a pioneer. Lace, sheer, leather or brocade are the ways to go.


• Cropped jackets. Pair up your jeans or wide trousers with a top and a cropped jacket. Cropped blazers, cropped tweed jackets and even your own makeshift DIY version are great ways to fit in for this fashion.


• Crop tops. No, I don't support showing off the midriff. I think more coverage in that area is more elegant. However, since fashion is always so versatile, you can wear your crop tops with ultra-high-waisted jeans, or my favorite way, with a pencil skirt. It breaks up the lines and gives you some movement and makes for a new style.


• Pastels! These are all over for the coming year. Yes, even while it's still winter! Take advantage of the beautiful lilac, rose or peach textiles when you can, they may not stay here forever.


• Statement pieces. You may have seen many styles hit the ground running this year like monogrammed sweatshirts from Old Navy or dresses and skirts with novel writings. The most intriguing influences I've found have been in "Nylon Magazine." It's fun to express your attitude, likes or hobbies written on your body. This may seem a thing of the past, but it's back in action, so express yourself. This is also a very simple thing you could do to a piece of your current clothing with fabric paint, stencils and your own creative genius.


Hope this gets you excited for this upcoming year. Fashion never ceases to amaze me with the brilliance of expressing yourself through a million different ways, whether it's the choice of textile, length, color or the way you pair it with a loud mix of patterns. Fashion is about having fun, not for constant flattery.


• The Wasatch Wardrobe is written by Lindsey Shores, a Utah personal fashion stylist, who's helped clients succeed with higher confidence, better dating lives and their most important events. She exudes the best in everyone by bringing out the personalities they have on the inside without knowing how to represent them on the outside. Lindsey gained expertise in the fashion industry by styling some of Hollywood's A-list celebrities for their red carpet events, and is passionate about bringing that allure to Utah. Lindsey also does the wardrobe costuming for commercials, music videos and television. To see what other stars she's worked with or to schedule time with Lindsey yourself, contact her at lindsey@lindseyshores.com or visit her website at www.lindseyshores.com.


For January, I'll be doing 31 days of nitty gritty, real, fashion talk called "Forward Fashion". Find me on Facebook Lindsey Shores Styling to follow it and find many of your style questions answered. If you want to participate, I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me over any vogue question and if I don't have an answer to it, I'll find an expert guest who does! Send your email to lindsey@lindseyshores.com.



International Newport Group: Fremtidige valuta eller eiendel boble? Bitcoin kritikere komme høyere


Når forbeholdt cyber geeks eller dodgy handelsmenn, virtuell valuta bitcoin kan nå ikke bare brukes til å kjøpe varer online men også betale for en grad ved Universitetet i Oslo.


Ennå kan nyvunne populariteten til valutaen, som var verdt nesten ingenting til April 2011 og som nå handler på rundt $1000, godt være dens angre.


Markedet overvåkere og regulatorer er oddsen over hvordan bitcoin skal håndteres, men som valuta gevinst prominence, stemme Advarsel mot bruken får høyere.


Frankrikes sentralbanken har slo det som "svært spekulativ" mens Kinas sa det ikke bør brukes som en valuta og utestengt bredden fra å tilby tjenester og produkter relatert til bitcoin.


EUs bank vaktbikkje også utstedt en advarsel til digital valutaen brukere, fortelle dem: "Du bør være fullt klar over og forstår deres spesielle egenskaper".


Selv om Federal Reserve sjef Ben Bernanke sa slike virtuelle valutaer "hold langsiktige løfte", kunne hans forgjenger Alan Greenspan ikke gi en iboende verdien til valuta.


Lansert i 2009 som oppfinnelsen av en mystisk datamaskin guru som går under pseudonymet Satoshi Nakamoto, er bitcoins skapt gjennom en komplisert matematisk formel.


I motsetning til hard valuta, er det ikke støttet opp av landets økonomisk aktivitet eller utstedt av en.


Bitcoins offisielle nettsted sa «alt som kreves for et skjema for å holde verdi er tillit og adopsjon».


"Når det gjelder Bitcoin, dette kan måles ved sin voksende base av brukere, selgere og startups. Som med alle valuta, bitcoin's verdi kommer bare og direkte fra folk villig til å akseptere dem som betaling,"sagt det.


Med rundt 12 millioner bitcoins i sirkulasjon i øyeblikket, børsverdi står på ca $10.57 milliarder. Formelen som brukes til å opprette den begrenser dens omløpet på 21 millioner bitcoins.


Tyskland besluttet å legalisere hverken det som valuta, så å kunne skatt, mens Bank of America's Merrill Lynch enhet spioneringen det som en betydelig verktøy for e-handel.


Tross alt, kan den digital valutaen overføres direkte mellom smartphones eller andre typer datamaskiner.


Men reiser dette også spørsmål at det ville bli brukt for kriminelle eller terrorister.


"Svært spekulativ" valuta utgjør "viss økonomisk risiko"


I September, valutaen kom under søkelyset etter amerikanske myndigheter nedlegge en website alarmert Silkeveien der narkotika og andre illegale varer ble handlet med bitcoins. Noen $3,6 millioner verdt bitcoins beslaglagt deretter.


Men den negative publisiteten førte også valutaen til seg oppmerksomheten til den virkelige verden.


Individuelle investorer interessert, hekta av eksempler som en norsk ung mann, som kjøpte $24 verdt av bitcoins fire år siden bare å innse at de er nå verdt $690,000 tilsvarende.


Kina ble den største markedet for valuta som investorer tiltrekkes til den over soaring verdien.


Men den kinesiske sentralbanken har flyttet å slå ned på det, utstede en sterk advarsel og innføre restriksjoner på hvordan de omsettes i landet.


"Bitcoin er en bestemt virtuell vare, ikke har samme juridiske status som valuta og ikke og bør ikke være sirkulert og på markedet som sådan, sa People's Bank of China (sentralbank) i en uttalelse i fellesskap med andre finansielle regulatorer.


Kinesisk banker og andre finansielle organisasjoner er utestengt fra å gi bitcoin-relaterte tjenester og produkter, sagt det.


Det kalles for forbedret kontroll av online trading plattformer for bitcoins å forsvare seg mot muligheten for hvitvasking og påpekt investeringsrisiko møtt av publikum.


Sentralbanken i Frankrike understreket også samme risiko, cautioning at "svært spekulativ" valutaen utgjør en "viss økonomisk risiko" for brukere.


"Selv om høy volatilitet i bitcoin av mulig interesse for personlige eller profesjonelle spekulanter, de bør være klar over risikoen de tar," sa banken.


Videre advart konverteringsmulighet av bitcoin ikke er tilgjengelig, og en investor kan ikke hans investeringer, det.


Sentralbanken bemerket at hvis en valuta som skal brukes som en modus for betaling, bør det oppfylle reglene mot hvitvasking av penger og dens garanti plattform bør overvåkes av sentralbanken i Frankrike.


Likevel banken har ingen oversikt over bitcoin, og oppfordret i stedet for å hindre at den virtuelle valutaen blir brukt i ulovlig transaksjoner.


Det pekte også på at sikkerheten for virtuelle treasuries for valutaen ikke er garantert med noen autoritet.


Sist onsdag, anerkjent et dansk selskap som spesialiserer seg på bitcoin betalinger at hackere hadde gjort unna med 1295 bitcoins verdt om lag en million dollar.


Og kinesiske kunder en Hong Kong-baserte elektroniske plattform mistet tilsvarende 2,43 millioner euro i bitcoins, når firmaet plutselig opphørte handel.


Likevel, leder av BTCChina, landets største Bitcoin trading plattformen, sier e-penger tilbyr en ny investering alternativet for kinesisk-en nasjon av savers.


Bitcoin er "en global aktivaklasse" lik vanlige investeringsvalg inkludert gull, aksjer og fast eiendom, sa Bobby Lee.


"Bitcoin går mainstream, jeg har full tillit. Vi håper å presse dette videre i Kina."


Newport International Group LLC Consulting:Meet the Newport Team




Our staff and leadership team brings to the table over 250 years of combined industry and consulting experience, without a large firm infrastructure and cost model. Efficient, practical, effective advisory.





Our leadership team represents the officers of the firm and set our partnering, client management, and service offering development strategy across all practice and service areas.


* William Newman     -           Managing Principal & Founder

* Bill Rudiak               -           Senior Principal





Each principal is aligned to one or more practice areas, with a specific area of focus based on service, industry sector, or specialty.  Our staff are assigned to client engagements based on need, fit, availability and timing under the leadership of a principal who is responsible for overall engagement management and client satisfaction.


* Matt DeBenedetti                Principal – Digital Content Strategy, Strategy Management, Technology

* Cindy Jennings                     Principal – Sustainability Management, Operations, Strategy Management

* James Munson                     Principal – Program Design and Oversight, GRC, EPM, Technology

* Jay Giannantonio                 Principal – Technology, EPM, GRC, Program Design and Oversight, Cloud Operations Readiness

* Joseph Stockemer                Principal – Operations, Sustainability Management, Strategy Management, Market Growth & Entry





Members of staff work under the direction of one or more principals based on client, industry segment, and service area.  Staff may range from entry-level Business Analysts and Associates, to Managers and Senior Managers responsible for the execution of small to medium-sized assignments or major workstreams as part of more comprehensive engagements.  Our more senior members of staff are provided here.


* Vicki Bible                            Senior Manager – Technology, Operations, Program Design and Oversight

* Jenny Zink Senior                Manager – Market Growth & Entry, Strategy Management, Digital Content Strategy





Our firm maintains a number of key industry, media and business relationships some of which have developed through direct work with our principals who then move on to other pursuits. Influencers share an interest in the success of the firm and position our services in one or more areas of subject matter expertise and industry segments.


* Dave Meyer                          Influencer – Sustainability Management, Operations, Strategy


Source: http://www.newportconsgroup.com/wp/about/meet-the-newport-team